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BalliBot® BalliHeadsUp is an unprecedented & patented rifle scope heads up display ballistics calculator with scope crosshair center rangefinder, instant & automatic turrets position sensing, instant scope reticle holdover values to match with the ballistics calculation results no matter how the turrets are turned, thus transform most of the telescopic rifle scopes on the market into a smart tool. It is also a multiple purpose rifle scope addon platform with a series of revolutionized products still to come for day and night smart hunting.

BalliBot Ballistics Calculator

Born for accuracy

4 DOF algorithm

Includes the bullet’s movement about its center of gravity and angle relative to its line of flight for greater accuracy.

3DOF & 4DOF Switchable

Advanced 4DOF mode for extreme long range projectiles, basic 3DOF mode for regular shooting and hunting.

5 gun profiles

It stores 5 gun and scope setup profiles for multi weapon system users, easy and convenient to switch devices.

G1 to G7 BC built-in

Ballistic Coefficient calculations of G1 standard and G7 long range bullet shapes, also the GA for airgun diabolo pellets.

BC Upload

Upload the Ballistic Coefficient input to all BalliBot hardwares such as laser rangefinders, avoid troublesome setups.

Hands free operation

Select a gun profile and upload to a Ballibot device once, then the phone is nolonger used for ballistic calculation.

What is Different

Never leave your eye off the target from the scope again
Advanced APP

1 Advanced APP

With its advanced ballistics loading APP and specialized ballistics microcontroller solution inside, it can calculate ballistics of almost all projectiles ranging from gel balls to professional supersonic bullets.
Crosshair center rangefinder

2 Crosshair center rangefinder

BalliBot uses a genius originally designed mechanism to align the rangefinder with the Scope crosshair center, so the crosshair center is the rangefinder spot indicator.
Automatic turrets sensing

3 Automatic turrets sensing

BalliBot's patented automatic turrets sensing system precisely detects turret turning angle, and convert it to standard MOA or MRAD value, this makes the shooter is constantly aware of the turrets position no matter how and when they are turned.
Responsive reticle position

4 Responsive reticle position

No matter how the turrets are turned, the reticle position constantly indicates the true center of the scope crosshair, it enable the turrets and reticle to be used together during the holdover shooting, double the ballistics holdover range of the scope.
Integrated battery hub

5 Integrated battery hub

BalliBot use one 18650 Li-ion battery for all of its products, this saved the weight and costs for each functional add-on and their respective battery chargers, so the users can have unlimited power supply by swapping batteries.

6 Integrated display hub

BalliBot patented heads-up display shows all the shooting information: distance, shooting angle, wind data, ballistics calculation results, turrets position, reticle position, battery level and etc., the shooter does not need to leave his/her eyesight from the target during the entire shooting process.